SolarPower Pools We sell complete Solar Systems to take your MOST EXPENSIVE APPLIANCE off the electric grind. YOUR POOL PUMP
Custom Installations We INSTALL systems or can provide a complete kit & instruction manual for DIY'ers.
HUGE SAVINGS Can easily save you 400 kWh every month.
Also a 30% Federal Tax Credit
SPECIAL Purchase a COMPLETE Solar System and receive a $100.00 GIFT CARD
Solar Power Pool


Solar Pumps

Several different pumps are available to meet the requirements of your pool. Once we know the exact size of your pool and the distance of the equipment to pool's edge we can determine which pump will be perfect for your needs. You can easily...

Solar Panels

The Sunmodule Plus SW 285 watt solar panels are built with sturdy aluminium frames, advanced EVA encapsulation and triple layer backsheets to meet the most stringent safety requirements. All of our panels are MADE IN AMERICA. Systems follow the...


The controllers regulate the energy flow from the solar panels to the DC Pump. To high of the sun's intense heat could burn out the motor. There is a regulator control switch to prevent this....
                                                   CALL- 949-581-5555 is your source for clean, green power with cost-efficient, solar-powered pool pump solutions. With our environmentally-friendly solar pool pumps, the system can circulate pool water from sun up to sun down for FREE - saving money every month and the climate every day.