The single most expensive appliance on your electric bill:

If you own a swimming pool then you already know that your pool's motor is costing you plenty. Your motor runs on 220 volts and you must run it 7-10 hours every day, so it's costing you well over $150 bucks a month.


SOLARPOWERPOOLS.COM has installed another replacement motor in the yard of Mary S. in Huntington Beach. She has the smallest backyard pool we have ever seen. Its just 10' by 20' or maybe 8,000 gallons, but Mary know she has to run it daily or her pool will turn green. We installed a small solar system for her which just includes a DC motor, 2 solar panels and a controller, which regulates the energy flow from the panels to the motor. It works great, from sun up until sun down completely off her electric grid. She in now saving about $85 a month.

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