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Solar PanelSystem Characteristic and Benefits

Solar Panels

    • 25 Year Linear Power Warranty
    • High performance under low light conditions
    • 285 Watts High powered PV Panels
    • Independently Certified
    • Made in USA

DC Solar Pool Pump


  • 1.5 H/P DC Pump motor
  • No Maintenance
  • Excellent serviceability
  • Premium materials
  • No bearings or bushings to burn out
  • Permanent magnetism powered
  • High reliability & Life Expectancy
  • Structure innovation
  • Environmental friendly
  • Eliminates any Electrical usage
  • Exceptionally Quiet
  • Three Year Warranty, through

    • Controllers


      Solar Pump System Controller

      • 72V circuitry
      • Protected against reverse polarity
      • System on / off switch
      • Aluminum housing - waterproof
      • Light indicators show all activity
      • The controller regulates the solar power energy from the panels directly to DC Pump
      • High tech circuit board has internal turning knob to regulate flow

Install Yourself

Purchased equipment will be delivered to your front door.


There are four variables necessary to properly replace your current pool pump with a solar system.
First: determine the size of your pool in gallons;

  • A. 12,000 to 18,000 gallons use a .5 H/P DC Pump =72 GMP
  • B. 18,000 to 25,000 gallons use a 1.2 H/P DC Pump= 92 GMP
  • C. 25,000 to 30,000 gallons use a 1.3 H/P DC Pump= 136 GPM
  • D. 30,000 to 38,000 gallons use a 2.0 H/P DC Pump= 210 GMP

Second: The number of Solar Panels & wattage per panel (From above pool size)

  • A. 2 panels @ 250 watts each
  • B. 3 panels @ 285 watts each
  • C. 4 panels @ 300 watts each
  • D. 6 panels @ 300 watts each

Third: The placement of the panels in feet from the distance to the pool equipment

  • A. 50 feet or more add 3rd panel
  • B. 50 feet or more add a 4th panel
  • C. 50 feet or more add 2 extra panels
  • D. 50 feet or more add 2 extra panels

Fourth: Controllers regulate the energy flow from the solar panels to the DC pump

  • A. 32 VDC-Peak Voltage 35VDC
  • B. 48 VDC-Peak Voltage 35VDC
  • C. 72 VDC-Peak Voltage 35-36VDC
  • D. 110 VDC-Peak Voltage 35.6 VDC

With all sales we provided complete installation instructions, warranties and tax forms for your 30% Federal Tax Credit. sells these pumps & controllers delivered to your door. If in California, we also sell the Solar Panels delivered to your door.

You can always go with fewer panels or a lesser wattage. This will affect the water flow and you can always add additional panels if necessary.


On / Off Switches

PDF Information

On/off disconnect switch (required by law, this is a circuit breaker which prevents lighting strikes from ruining your controller and pump. Some cities make this a requirement