Solar Panels


PV Modules  Sunmodule Plus SW mono Series

Sunmodule Plus Series Modules are used in a wide range of applications including water pumping, water purification systems and anywhere that a reliable, robust PV module is required.

The Sunmodule Plus Series modules are built with sturdy aluminum frames, advanced EVA encapsulation and triple layer backsheets to meet the most stringent safety requirements.


  • Know good quality modules from a recognized supplier
  • Tested with our solar pumping systems which reduces project risk
  • Module specifications included as standard in solar planning software and kept up to date
  • SolarWorld Guaranteed


  • High conversion efficiency
  • Pre-wired junction box with connectors for “plug and play”
  • Reliable bypass diodes to prevent overheating and minimize power loss from shading
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified factory


  • Highest quality products
  • Local warranty and product support
  • Real energy independence vs importing
  • Meets and exceeds Buy America requirements
  • Avoids environmental costs of overseas shipping
  • Money spent stimulates the US economy and creates US jobs
  • Processes meet stringent US labor and environmental policies

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