Solar Pumps


DC Solar Pool Pump



  • Maintenance free DC motor
  • Excellent serviceability
  • Premium materials
  • No bearings or bushings to burn out using the latest technology
  • Permanent magnetism powered
  • High reliability & Life Expectancy
  • Maximum flow rate 76 GPM (gallons per minute)
  • Structure innovation
  • Environmental friendly

      The Advantages of DC Pump:

      • Adopting Software start-up system for motor control. The motor starts up placidly and the current is far less than traditional hardware startup technology
      • Eliminates any electrical usage
      • Silent motor operation
      • Exceptionally quiet
      • No maintenance
      • Three Year Warranty


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      We’ll are looking for experienced solar companies to represent the DC Solar Pool Pump product in your area. We welcome your questions and would like to introduce the you to the DC Solar Pool Pump and help use the power of the sun to reduce pollution and decrease the world’s need for oil.

On / Off Switches

PDF Information

On/off disconnect switch (required by law, this is a circuit breaker which prevents lighting strikes from ruining your controller and pump. Some cities make this a requirement

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