March 2014

I have been involved with solar energy for twenty plus years. My Navy tour of duty had me on Solar powered subs and flattops, so using the sun's energy to run my pool equipment was a no brainer. I contacted Solar Power Pools to get started, and they assured me that their system could handle the job. Our first step was to get City Hall to provide us with a building permit. Since this project is different from the standard solar systems placed on a home's roof, it did not fall into any of their categories. This caused a lot of concerns and required numerous trips to convince them of the magnitude of this project. Eight trips later, we obtained the required permit and the project got started. Solar Power Pools was here three days and completed their installation to the extra requirements of the city.

I am quite pleased with this product and have suggested to my Home Owners Association they look into using this for all of our neighborhood pools. Great Job, excellent work habits and very professional. Thank you guys for your assistance with the bldg permit. I'm looking forward to "free" sun energy and reduced monthly costs to the electrical service.

Bill in Dana Point, Customer